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Top Internet and TV Providers in 2021

Cox Cable and Internet to Punish the Entire Neighborhood If Any User Flagged for Excessive Usage

Cox Cable and Internet - the renowned company has taken steps to lower the Internet upload speeds in entire neighborhood to stop what it is termed ‘excessive usage’. If it finds any excessive usage, the user and entire neighborhood will be punished. The Cable and Internet Company, that has around 5.2 million broadband users in the US, has begun sending notices to the heavy users issuing warning to use lesser data and notifying them of neighborhood speed decrease in that case. Reports reveal that a gigabit user who was paying $50 extra a month to COX to get unlimited data was warned by the company since his usage exceeded and reached to 8TB to 12TB per month.

To punish him and the entire neighborhood of the user, Cox Cable and Internet lowered the upload speed on the gigabit-download plan from 35 Mbps to 10 Mbps. The reports also suggest that the company has imposed neighborhood-wide slowdown of speed punishments in various areas in cases where the excessive usage was witnessed.  The customer named Mike said in a statement that he had been using the same data for last 4 years, but he was warned and punished for the first time. This shows that Cox Cable and Internet is struggling to handle the load of usage in this pandemic situation of COVID-19.

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Netflix Acquires Global Rights of Love on the Spectrum

According to the latest reports, Netfilx is all geared up to launch ‘Love on the Spectrum’ which follows young adults on the autism spectrum through their dating lives. The launch is to take place on July 22nd. The relationship specialist from Netflix utters that there is no need to be on the spectrum, as all and sundry have basic human right plus a common human need of love and connection. ‘Love on the Spectrum’, Netflix’s all set to launch dating reality show has started getting attention a lot among the viewers.

Reports have it that the streaming giant has now pocketed worldwide streaming rights to Northern Pictures’ Love on the Spectrum that is a docu-series commissioned by none other than ABC which go along with the individuals who are on autism spectrum and flaunt off their dating experiences. On July 22nd this year, the show is all set to air on Netflix. It was first debuted on ABC Australia in November 2019. It revolves around love and dating.

It is a documentary series that carries four part following young adults on the autism spectrum. The young adults discover the unpredictable world of dating, love and relationships. The show is laced with a group of 20 something adults who are newbie in dating and also features those who are navigating long relationships.

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The War of Worlds Epix Begins Shooting with Brawny Preventive Measures

For the lovers of The War of Worlds Epix, there is good news. It renews and begins shooting with strapping preventive measures. Yes, the TV series is all set to hit the screens for the second season. This European production of Fox that was developed in close collaboration with Gaumont and Canal+ has made it confirm that the series will be renewed for the second season. All measures have been taken to begin the shooting for the season. The filming of the second season of The War of Worlds Epix is about to start in the midst of severe preventive measures, as coronavirus’ danger is out there.

According to news reports, it is going to be the first British TV production for which the filming has begun since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out.

The second season has been planned seeing the good response from the audience for the first season. Reports reveal that The War of Worlds Epix appeared to be the one of the most requested content last year on Canal+. It reached to more than 50 countries in the world through FOX and stood first in American through Epix. The series proved itself as the most profitable product. From next Monday, 13th July 2020, the shooting will start in Wales.

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DOCSIS 4.0 On Way to Provide Faster Upload Speed to Customers

A conference relevant to cable technology titled ‘Cable Next Gen Europe’ was held recently as ‘digital symposium’. A number of topics were discussed over there and among those topics was next standard for cable data transfer ‘DOCSIS 4.0’. A panel of experts participated in the conference to discuss this matter. The representatives from Cable Labs, Cox Communications, Vodafone Ziggo and few others took part in the conference and shared their views on DOCSIS 4.0.

The full form of DOCSIS is Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification. Operators in the market have already been thinking over the matter as to how they can prepare the network for DOCSIS 4.0.

As for the specs for DOCSIS 4.0, they were released earlier this year in March 2020. DOCSIS 3.1 was launched way back in 2013, but has been updated many times since then.

For the DOCSIS 4.0 technology, it supports up to 10 Gbps speeds downstream capacity besides offers 6 Gbps upstream capacity. Now when the future applications are developed they will benefit from the high upstream speeds.

Cox Communications is expected to deploy DOCSIS 4.0 compatible active devices by next year in summer or fall. As for other US cable companies, their plans are yet to be revealed. Comcast, on the other hand, unzips to its customers that the company is preparing its network for DOCSIS 4.0 service.

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Breath-Arresting Packages of AT&T When You Bundle

Absolutely, you cannot take your eyes off the fact that AT&T promotions are followed heavily by all people. This is the reason that the renowned company has big clientage and its packages are sold like hot cakes. Well, the bundle that is also called the Bundle of the Future is ‘AT&T + AT&T Internet’.  This is the time to take your AT&T TVSM to the next level when you think of making a bundle with a trustworthy high speed internet.

Now this is your chance to buy AT&T TV + Internet just for $39.99 per month for 12 months (there will be taxes and internet equip fee will be charged when you bundle).

Grab $300 in AT&T Visa Reward Card by the time you purchase AT&T TV + Internet online. Additionally you will save $20 per month (for whole year) when you bundle. More on AT&T promotions…check below.

The Company Introduces AT&T TVSM

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CenturyLink Expands Global Cloud Alliance with Dell Technologies and VMware

Reports reveal that CenturyLink has expended global cloud alliance with Dell and VMware. According to latest reports, CenturyLink has increased its global alliance with none other than Dell Technologies and VMware. This alliance will offer a hybrid cloud solution designed to help out the businesses spread all over Asia Pacific. CenturyLink Cloud Connect Solutions are all set to benefit the customers.

This giant collaboration is all geared up to instantly offer the customers the giant benefits of a fully managed software-defined datacenter (SDDC) solution that is deployable in around 2200 CenturyLink network connected public and private data centers around the world.

Well, this complete SDDC solution that is packed with built in automation which permits the enhanced security and new levels of control and scalability all over the public and private clouds for delivering a reliable customer experience.

Interestingly, companies may also take benefits from CenturyLink Cloud Connect solutions that are set to deliver high performance, secure and virtualized networking functionality to all popular private and public clouds.

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YouTube Price Hike Benefits Philo That Now Offers Services for $20 a Month

Philo has come up now with great price to attract the customers even it is on way to grab other companies’ customers. After YouTube price hike, Philo turns out to be the cheapest streaming service now offering service for just $20 a month. With this low price, the customer can enjoy lots of cable. For the cutting the cord customers, this is the most appropriate deal offered by Philo. The streamer now lets the viewers watch 60 cable channels for merely $20 a month. After YouTube price hike of massive 30% that costs the customers $65 a month, many loyal customers of YouTube and even others are turning to Philo now.

If you are an aficionado of the cable channels such as MTV, A&E, Food Network and Lifetime, you are going to simply love Philo. But wait, with this lower price you are going to miss many prominent broadcast networks like ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox. If you love watching Sports, then get ready to find ‘no’ sports channel as well.

But yes, on the other hand, Philo offers the top channels like Hallmark, HGTV, TLC, History, Discovery, A&E, Nickelodeon and Food Network. What you are going to miss include CNN, Fox, MSNBC, ESPN, USA, ION, TNT and Bravo. Other omissions include Adult Swim, E!Entertainment, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, CNBC and few others. So what is your decision now after YouTube price hike?

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