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CenturyLink Expands Global Cloud Alliance with Dell Technologies and VMware

Reports reveal that CenturyLink has expended global cloud alliance with Dell and VMware. According to latest reports, CenturyLink has increased its global alliance with none other than Dell Technologies and VMware. This alliance will offer a hybrid cloud solution designed to help out the businesses spread all over Asia Pacific. CenturyLink Cloud Connect Solutions are all set to benefit the customers.

This giant collaboration is all geared up to instantly offer the customers the giant benefits of a fully managed software-defined datacenter (SDDC) solution that is deployable in around 2200 CenturyLink network connected public and private data centers around the world.

Well, this complete SDDC solution that is packed with built in automation which permits the enhanced security and new levels of control and scalability all over the public and private clouds for delivering a reliable customer experience.

Interestingly, companies may also take benefits from CenturyLink Cloud Connect solutions that are set to deliver high performance, secure and virtualized networking functionality to all popular private and public clouds.

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