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Cox Cable and Internet to Punish the Entire Neighborhood If Any User Flagged for Excessive Usage

Cox Cable and Internet - the renowned company has taken steps to lower the Internet upload speeds in entire neighborhood to stop what it is termed ‘excessive usage’. If it finds any excessive usage, the user and entire neighborhood will be punished. The Cable and Internet Company, that has around 5.2 million broadband users in the US, has begun sending notices to the heavy users issuing warning to use lesser data and notifying them of neighborhood speed decrease in that case. Reports reveal that a gigabit user who was paying $50 extra a month to COX to get unlimited data was warned by the company since his usage exceeded and reached to 8TB to 12TB per month.

To punish him and the entire neighborhood of the user, Cox Cable and Internet lowered the upload speed on the gigabit-download plan from 35 Mbps to 10 Mbps. The reports also suggest that the company has imposed neighborhood-wide slowdown of speed punishments in various areas in cases where the excessive usage was witnessed.  The customer named Mike said in a statement that he had been using the same data for last 4 years, but he was warned and punished for the first time. This shows that Cox Cable and Internet is struggling to handle the load of usage in this pandemic situation of COVID-19.

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