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DOCSIS 4.0 On Way to Provide Faster Upload Speed to Customers

A conference relevant to cable technology titled ‘Cable Next Gen Europe’ was held recently as ‘digital symposium’. A number of topics were discussed over there and among those topics was next standard for cable data transfer ‘DOCSIS 4.0’. A panel of experts participated in the conference to discuss this matter. The representatives from Cable Labs, Cox Communications, Vodafone Ziggo and few others took part in the conference and shared their views on DOCSIS 4.0.

The full form of DOCSIS is Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification. Operators in the market have already been thinking over the matter as to how they can prepare the network for DOCSIS 4.0.

As for the specs for DOCSIS 4.0, they were released earlier this year in March 2020. DOCSIS 3.1 was launched way back in 2013, but has been updated many times since then.

For the DOCSIS 4.0 technology, it supports up to 10 Gbps speeds downstream capacity besides offers 6 Gbps upstream capacity. Now when the future applications are developed they will benefit from the high upstream speeds.

Cox Communications is expected to deploy DOCSIS 4.0 compatible active devices by next year in summer or fall. As for other US cable companies, their plans are yet to be revealed. Comcast, on the other hand, unzips to its customers that the company is preparing its network for DOCSIS 4.0 service.

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